Building a Business You Like (Maybe Even Love) is Easier Than You Think...

Many people are unhappy or disengaged at work but aren't sure what work would make them happier. So instead they stay in jobs they don't like and keep putting it off that they will pursue the dream job or business another day, which doesn't actually come.

As a Holistic Narrative Career Practitioner, Certified Life Coach, Trauma of Money Facilitator, and Sacred Money Archetypes Coach, I look at your career and business through a holistic lens. This helps us to shape the business that you actually desire. 

It's time to have clarity and fulfillment in your work and life.

By exploring your desires, values, strengths, and interests, then looking at your past experiences and stories for clues, and then opening to the possibilities, you start to see what's available to you.

Our work is a large part of our lives. And yet, we aren’t really taught how to choose a career path that suits us. Some of us have our career paths laid out by our parents’ or caregivers’ expectations. Others choose the career path by scanning post-secondary options and choosing what looks interesting enough. While others fall into their careers by chance.

Then one day, we realize that the ladder we were climbing or that career path we were on, wasn’t what we wanted after all.

But are left asking, but what now?

This is when some radical honesty, self-belief and trust, and inspired action come into play. 

You have to be willing to go after the business you want. 

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By all outward appearances, Sally had it all. Her business was thriving and generating over 6 figures with raving clients, she only worked 4 days a week,

I have significantly scaled back on work this summer, I went from having a really full calendar of meetings and work to having 2 meetings a week and a few hours of work, with a lot of free time.

So much of our worthiness is attached to our labor, how productive we are, our job titles, the amount of money we bring in, etc.

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