Helping Coaches & Healers, Like You, to Create the Impact You Were Meant to in an Aligned and Authentic Way.​

Discover Your Biggest Business Block

Building a Business is a Dance of Strategy & Energetics​

Masculine & Feminine.

Woo & Groundedness.

Mental & Emotional Decision Making. 

Intellect & Intuition.

And so often I see coaches and healers getting caught up in one or the other. 

Either all strategy. Constantly trying out different blueprints or roadmaps. And just DOING all of the time. Many times to the point of burn out.

OR on the opposite end of the spectrum, caught up in the spiritual side of needing to meditate, waiting for the download, but not taking any action.

And business, and let’s face it, life is all about both. Doing and Being. 

But it’s from a place of alignment and inspiration, not force.

You will gain clarity as you take inspired action. 

Hi, I'm Conny Lee

I am a Virtual Assistant turned Online Business Manager turning into Aligned Business Consultant. 

I work with amazing heart-centered, passionate, intuitive coaches and healers. 

And what I have seen throughout my 4 years of business is that coaches and healers get stuck in their heads, and try to intellectualize everything, get sidetracked with every strategy they come across on social media, and keep pivoting or looking for answers from their minds. 

Or the complete opposite, getting stuck in their “spiritual practices” and looking to their guides, their angels, the universe for guidance, waiting for the downloads, and don’t take any action at all…and sometimes this goes on for months.

But I know you are here to make an impact. 

Using Human Design, coaching methodologies, and pulling from my experience, I will help you to get out of your own way. 

Email me to learn more.