It's time to have clarity and fulfillment in your work and life.

Many people are unhappy or disengaged at work but aren't sure what work would make them happier. 

So instead they stay in jobs they don't like and keep putting it off that they will pursue the dream job or business another day, which doesn't actually come. 

Do any of these resonate with you:

Do you dread Sunday nights because you know there is another 5 days of work before you get to do the things you actually enjoy?
Do you wonder how you ended up in this job/business?
Did you set out to become an entrepreneur but now find yourself working all day, every day, and are starting to feel burnt out and ready to quit?
Have you daydreamed about walking out of your job declaring you quit effective immediately?
Do you desire to feel fulfilled in your work?
Do you worry that life is passing you by as you wait for the weekend or vacation time?

Gaining clarity is easier than you may think.

By exploring your desires, values, strengths, and interests, then looking at your past experiences and stories for clues, and then opening to the possibilities, you start to see what's available to you. 

Our work is a large part of our lives. And yet, we aren’t really taught how to choose a career path that suits us. Some of us have our career paths laid out by our parents’ or caregivers’ expectations. Others choose they career path by scanning post-secondary options and choosing what looks interesting enough. While others fall into their careers by chance. 

Then one day, we realize that the ladder we were climbing or that career path we were on, wasn’t what we wanted after all.

But are left asking, but what now?

Hi, I’m Conny.

I love all things careers, mainly entrepreneurship though, and have always been fascinated with why people choose the careers they do. But even still, I haven’t always felt in control of my career. I have stayed in jobs because of the status or money, climbed ladders because it was the next best thing to do, and have woken up and asked “how did I even get here?” Unfulfilled and burnt out. 

Let’s explore what is possible and aligned for you from a holistic lens where you take into account that our lives are more than a job, and while our work is a large part there are many other pieces to it. So not only do we explore your stories, we look at your desires in life, the impact you want to make, the things you value, and we'd start exploring all of the possibilities. 

Sound familiar?

Because of my love for a holistic lifestyle, we also consider the 8 dimensions of wellness: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, vocational, social, financial, and environmental. 

As a Holistic Narrative Career Practitioner, Certified Life Coach, Trauma of Money Facilitator, and Sacred Money Archetypes Coach, I look at your career through a holistic lens.

We are not our job title.

Who are you?

What do you value?

What are you passionate about?

What do you desire in work?

What are your natural interests in?

Can you be open to all of the possibilities?