I’ve always been fascinated with careers. My parents were small business owners and their work consumed their lives. I’ve never thought to ask them whether they would do it differently but for them, as is the case for many, work was a means to survive. Seeing them work so hard did leave me with questions as to what work means to me. 

But conditioning and programming isn’t necessarily something you know how to break. 

In my last year of highschool, as my friends chose their programs with ease and what seemed like a clear career path, I swirled around in indecisiveness trying to decide what program to even take. 

After starting and stopping many different programs, I finally finished a Business diploma and entered the working world. I loved everything about the job search process. Job boards were a place of possibility and potential. Writing my resume and acknowledging my achievements was exciting. And I loved interviewing. I approached interviewing knowing that I was interviewing them just as much as they were interviewing me. I wanted to ensure that this was a job I could see myself doing and that the culture of the company was going to be one I could work in. 

I landed a job at a local TV station and a couple of years later, landed a job at a national TV station.  

I had my daughter and the 4 hour daily commute wasn’t feasible so I took a role at a mechanical contracting company as a receptionist. This company was all about developing and promoting their employees and gave me the opportunity to train and move up. I took it and was given the opportunity to be a mechanical estimator. I know we just met, but if you knew me in school, I was the creative, the dreamer, the visionary and was told by both teachers and guidance counselors to pursue the arts because science and technical paths just weren’t my thing.

Meanwhile, on the side, my partner and I were diving into the world of real estate investing and I was writing resumes and helping others with their job search as a side gig. 

As grateful as I am and will forever be to my former company, I knew that the role wasn’t a good fit. I was working against my weaknesses, my confidence plummeted as I struggled to understand my work, and it felt like no matter how hard I tried, I was failing. This was obviously incredibly unfulfilling and I was burnt out. 

So why was it that I could help others in their job searches but couldn’t help myself? As humans, we all have our own blind spots. Corporate life was safe, I had been on a conventional career path, and this is what most of society tells us is acceptable.

In 2017, I hesitantly handed in resignation to a company that had done so much for me to take a lower paying job that had less responsibility. After a series of events, I was laid off and decided to finally pursue a Career Coaching business. 

Funny enough, that didn’t work out at first and I ended up offering Virtual Assistant services, then moved into Online Business Manager / Consultant. 

But life is funny like this because I have come full circle to realizing that entrepreneurship is a career path that many of us dream of but don’t necessarily know where to start. 

I’m on a mission to help people find fulfilling work through entrepreneurship and laying the foundations for a business that runs efficiently. 

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