When Social Norms No Longer Feel Normal

There are many societal norms that I questioned even as a young child. I remember the adults in my life complaining about their jobs and asking why they keep doing it. The response was always about money, or ‘that’s the way it is’, or something about how you are not supposed to like your job anyway and that retirement is when you start to enjoy life.

When Time Speeds Up, You Slow Down

Do you find yourself constantly anticipating the next phase of your child’s life?

Maybe you have a newborn that you can’t wait til the day they sleep through the night.

Or maybe you have a teen who is acting less than desirable.

The time will pass…much quicker than you think.

Holidays, Family and Gratitude…

This past weekend was Thanksgiving weekend in Canada. I love Thanksgiving because gratitude has changed my life. I think Amy Collette said it best when she said, “gratitude is a powerful catalyst for happiness. It’s the spark that lights a fire of joy in your soul.”