Who Are You, Really?

Who are you, really? By all outward appearances, Sally had it all. Her business was thriving and generating over 6 figures with raving clients, she only worked 4 days a week, she had a loving partner, a beautiful house, and a new car, and was able to travel when she wanted to. But as she […]

Being Willing to Be Uncomfortable to Have What You Want

Add Your Heading Text Here Being Willing to Be Uncomfortable to Have What You Want I have significantly scaled back on work this summer, I went from having a really full calendar of meetings and work to having 2 meetings a week and a few hours of work, with a lot of free time. And […]

Finding Safety in Rest

Finding Safety in Rest So much of our worthiness is attached to our labor, how productive we are, our job titles, the amount of money we bring in, etc. And for many people, especially entrepreneurs, taking time off and truly resting isn’t easy. Myself included. My whole identity was based on my hard work ethic, […]

Sustainable Money Manifestation

Sustainable Money Manifestation There are many books on the market on Manifestation and this belief that we can ‘manifest quickly’ as long as we ‘focus on what we want’ and create a vision board. Not forgetting our daily affirmations. And while that can be true, there’s also a level of safety that needs to come […]

Creating an Intentional Team Culture

Many small business owners hire contractors, such as virtual assistants, social media managers, online business managers, project managers, fractional marketing/financial officers, etc. The beauty of this is that for a small company, such as a coaching or consulting business, this arrangement works well as it allows business owners to have flexibility in contracting a specific […]

Why Your Team isn’t Working Well

Your business is growing fast. And you are overwhelmed and exhausted wearing all of the hats. So you follow the traditional business advice that tells you to delegate. And set out to find a virtual assistant, social media manager, content creator, project manager, or online business manager, and can’t wait to offload the tasks that […]

The Journey Home

Home. A place of safety, where you can remove the masks you have worn all day, and kick your feet up. It’s that couch that you sink into after a long day.The kitchen you cook your favorite meal.The bed you crawl into and wish you wouldn’t have to leave.The book you lose yourself in.The hot […]