Fear Can’t Lead the Way

Fear isn’t the answer and right now it is leading the way.

What is happening now with this pandemic is scary. It is uncharted territory for many of us, unless you were around in 1918, in which case, that is amazing.

Anyway, back to the point of my post.

When news of COVID-19 first surfaced, my parents, both originally from Hong Kong, gave me a daily update of what was happening. I brushed them off.

I invest a lot into my own health, vitamins, nutrients, whole foods, and am conscious of my own physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional wellness needs. And don’t get me wrong, I have a history of chronic bronchitis and an auto-immune disease diagnosis so it isn’t to say I feel invincible but I refused to circle in the fear.

Then our provincial government made the announcement they were shutting down schools for two weeks after spring break and I panicked.

Maybe there was more to this virus than I had been receptive to?

That night, along with everyone else in my community, I raced out to stock up on groceries and essential supplies in light of this news.

Within days, announcements were made to shut down non-essential businesses and for everyone to stay home as much as possible.

What the F was happening?

Fear Became My Driver

I turned on our local news and watched the rolling broadcasts for hours on end with more and more news.

My anxiety sky-rocketed. I became the family news reporter providing hourly updates on what was happening.

I lost sleep. I was eating constantly. I couldn’t really even function. My work was suffering. My brain was foggy and emotions were high.

I found myself raging when I saw people gathering and ignoring the social distancing rules in place.

On top of my own emotions, I was trying to help my daughter to navigate what was going on and adjust to our new reality.

Fear was in the driver’s seat.

But by day 6, after almost a week of living in a constant state of fight or flight, I hit the treadmill. My go-to retreat (second to the forest but it was still winter here at that time). And the message was clear. TURN OFF THE NEWS.

So I did.

Slowly Finding My Center

A weight lifted. I started to get grounded again. My sleep and eating schedules slowly started to regulate.

I found myself starting to reconnect to my own inner knowing.

I started to find peace with the whole situation.

And just as I started to find my own center, I started seeing posts all over social media of the different theories of what is really going on under the surface. Some coming from close friends of mine, many who are in leadership roles of some capacity.

Fear Can’t Fight Fear

And as these stories surfaced, arguments erupted.

Those who firmly believe this virus is a threat and want the isolation measures enforced at all costs. They want to feel heard and seen and for their health to be protected. And wait anxiously for a vaccine to be discovered.

And then there are those who believe the virus is not actually a threat and want to expose a bigger agenda. Mandatory vaccination. Microchipping. A business deal at the cost of the humanity.

Both sides are justified. We all view things from our own filters, perspectives, beliefs, values and there is evidence to support whatever your stance.

But either way, fear is at battle with fear.

We all know that fear triggers the fight, flight, or freeze response within us.

And over time, it weakens our immune system, affects our cardiovascular health, and can cause us to react spontaneously and do things without thinking them through.

In times like this, more fear isn’t conducive to anyone being heard or positive action being taken.

This is a time we need to come together, to support each other through this, and here we are, driving each other further apart.

I’m naturally curious so I ask a lot of questions and am open to hearing other perspectives.

I’m not commenting on what theories I am exploring or my perspective on all of this but I am going to encourage you to get a bit curious and start to ask some questions. However, that is a whole other post on its own.

Fear is Not the Answer

I woke up this morning and started thinking about all of this.

Can’t we see that people are using fear to fight fear?

What if, just for today, we disconnect and tune back into our own inner knowing?

We ask for guidance from a much higher power, whatever you believe in, to guide.

We have been allowing fear to win.

Fear is not a good leader.

What if we let courage, curiosity, love, or optimism lead?

Maybe we will open possibilities, we will think clearer, we will hear life’s whispers.

And for the leaders, I encourage you to come together to lead the collective out of this in the best way possible. Here is hoping that we come out of this stronger and better than we went in.

Sending love! XO

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