Finding Safety in Rest

So much of our worthiness is attached to our labor, how productive we are, our job titles, the amount of money we bring in, etc.

And for many people, especially entrepreneurs, taking time off and truly resting isn’t easy.

Myself included.

My whole identity was based on my hard work ethic, my ability to hustle and hold multiple jobs at the same time while juggling family and life.

But I was burnt out.

This summer, I decided to slow it down. To stop the hustle and grind and allow myself to rest.

It wasn’t that I came upon a large sum of money, or that I don’t have bills to pay, or things I want to do.

But it was about putting my needs first. My need to rest and recover from years of running on empty. To not have a back-to-back calendar. To not have everyone relying on me to get things done.

Uncomfortable is an understatement.

I have come face-to-face with my money stories and worries.
I have had to constantly remind myself this is temporary. 
And that I deserve to take a break and actually rest.

There are moments when I think that I should be doing something work related. Where I think that I am being lazy or unproductive. When I start to spiral into how the bills are still coming in.

And I come back to my center.

I take a deep breath. 
Remind myself that I’m safe and deserve a break. 
That everything is okay.

I recognize that taking extended time off isn’t accessible to everyone and that even writing this comes from a place of privilege.

And it’s also come from a lot of inner work. Changing my relationship with money and work. Recognizing that hustling and grinding aren’t the only ways to make money. And acknowledging that my body deserves to rest and recover.

Join me on this journey as I explore our relationship with rest and work.