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Following That Nudge

When I was a child and even into my teen years, I loved to write poetry and stories, draw, and pretty much anything creative.

I was invited to the Young Author’s Conference a couple of years in a row in elementary school. And in high school, my creative writing teacher suggested that I pursue songwriting based on my poetry. A conversation I had actually forgotten but more on that later.

As I started to consider career options in high school, a creative career made the most sense. But according to my research, creative careers were competitive and a tough field to make money in.

So I settled on studying business. I didn’t have a plan. I knew I wanted to own my own business but had no idea what that would be.

I continued journaling and writing but I shut down a lot of my creativity.

I actually ended up pursuing a technical career as a mechanical estimator. A very left-brained field.

But something kept nudging me to tune back into my creativity. To express it.

I ignored it for years. But like anything you ignore, it just gets bigger and bigger until you can no longer ignore it.

Then earlier this year, I recalled the conversation with my high school writing teacher and songwriting.

That conversation crept in every few days. I couldn’t shake it.

Eventually, other signs showed up. Someone posted about being a singer/songwriter who was now offering to coach others who wanted to start songwriting. I messaged her and we got on a call but I was so filled with imposter syndrome, I didn’t pursue it further.

Every time I listened to music, the little nudges would start again. I can’t even describe it without sounding crazy.

And then my daughter’s singing teacher mentioned how she teaches songwriting and I knew that it was now universal intervention happening. We agreed that I would start to write in the mornings and get my creative juices flowing again and then start lessons in the new year.

One line kept coming up out of the blue. It seemed like a thought I kept thinking but I knew that it was a song waiting to be written but wouldn’t flow any further.

I tried to sit down and write a few times but nothing came. Just forced words on a piece of paper that made no sense.

Until one night, after feeling connected and relaxed, I felt inspired. That line I mentioned earlier popped in but this time it was followed with even more words. I start frantically typing on my phone and more and more lines kept flowing through. I went with it and then a few minutes later, I scrolled up and a song had been written.

All of those nudges! They are leading me somewhere and I can’t see it but I know that if I keep following them, I will soon find out.

What little nudges have you been ignoring?

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