If You are Waiting for Perfection, You Will Wait Your Whole Life

In November 2018, I launched my guided journal, The Journey Home: A Guided Journal to Discovering and Being Your True Self.

2018 was a year where I felt directionless. I was pursuing full-time entrepreneurship, I didn’t really know what I was doing or where I was going.

But the one thing that I have always stayed true to is my journaling practice.

Releasing a guided journal seemed like a normal course of action for me given that I journal twice daily. But it came with its own challenges.

First, I was filled with self- doubt. My inner critic went on about how no one would be interested, who am I to think that I can create a guided journal, etc.

The other challenge was that I had been talking about creating and releasing this journal for months but aside from writing it, I wasn’t really moving it forward. I was waiting for the perfect conditions. For me to know everything that someone would need. For me to write the perfect copy and for the timing to be just perfect.

But if you know me at all, you would know I normally take the progress over perfection approach. I quit my job without a plan really. I knew that if I took the leap, I would be able to pivot and figure it out. Somedays, I look back through my Facebook posts and I can see how imperfect I was in the words I chose, the graphics I created. And yet I am nowhere near ‘perfect’ now.

Because that is the thing. Perfection is unachievable! If you wait for perfection, you will wait your whole life.

Instead, choose progress. And go in knowing that you can redo it a million times if you want.

Back to my book. I have been feeling a nudge to relaunch. So now I am creating The Journey Home v2.0. Will it be perfect? Nope. But because of my insane growth in 2019, I want to expand it and make it even better than the first version. That is all I am going for… more progress.

What are you waiting for? What can you put out into the world now and improve upon later?

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