My Journey Toward a Vegetarian Lifestyle

I have always had a rollercoaster relationship with food.

On one hand, I didn’t count calories or bother reading the nutrition labels.

On the other hand, I would binge on junk food and then feel guilt and skip meals to make up for the caloric intake.

My parents made traditional Chinese meals which consisted of rice, a veggie, and a meat dish.

They didn’t allow us to eat a lot of sugar, nor did they buy treats.

When I started heavily weight training in my early 20s, my trainer gave me a meal plan to follow.

I had little interest in learning the nutrient side of food and instead treated food as more of a means to an end.

Understanding the Impacts of Food on Health

In 2019, after battling a number of different health issues, I finally decided to clean up my eating.

I learned how much of my diet consisted of inflammatory foods.

So I cut out dairy, wheat, processed food, meat, and sugar reading labels carefully and overhauling my whole diet.

At first, it was uncomfortable. Food didn’t taste as good, somedays I just made smoothies to avoid having to think about what to make myself.

Side note, my family insisted they were not going to join me on this new food journey so they continued to eat as they had been except with some modifications of things I refused to buy.

And then I started to find foods I enjoyed, but more importantly noticed the benefits.

I was more energized, my skin started to clear up, my health conditions started to improve, I was having less brain fog and more stable moods.

And then in 2020, covid hit.

Food had been a coping mechanism for stressful times before so I found myself eating and ice cream and chips to push down the discomfort and anxiety.

And then processed foods became easier to cook than having to put a lot of thought into meals.

So here we are. A year later.

I find my brain fog is back, I’m tired and moody, and I notice my clothes don’t fit as well as they had when I cleaned up my diet.

My body has been nudging me toward eating better again.

The Netflix documentary, Seaspiracy inspired me to answer my body’s call.

I cut out fish and meats last week and significantly reduced my sugar intake, which I get mainly from fruits.

I’m still in a space of trying to figure out how to make this work for my family.

But this is my journey and I’m willing to take you along for the ride.

Are you a Vegetarian? If so, share your fave recipes? If you’re considering it, let’s do this together.