Navigating Uncharted Territory – COVID 19

When news first broke of the Corona Virus, I have to admit, I didn’t really take it seriously. After all, it has cold and flu-like symptoms and I figured it would blow over. But as the weeks went on, I started to realize that it was much more serious than I initially thought. This past Thursday, the province I live in, announced schools would be closed for 2 weeks after March break. Sh!t (excuse my language) got real. I went out that night to pick up some supplies to last us the next few weeks and I wasn’t the only one. Store shelves were empty, line ups around the store, most people single-focused to get what they needed and get out. This is uncharted territory we are navigating.

I spent that evening panicked. I thought about how I would manage getting work done while ensuring my daughter was entertained enough so I could still be productive. I thought about how I would handle not socializing, networking, or shopping for the next month or so.

And as I sat in reflection, I came to the following conclusion:

This isn’t about me. Self-isolating is for the greater good. I have vulnerable family members and now understanding the risks, I am doing my part in all of this.

This too shall pass. Yes, the next few months will be challenging. It’s something that most of have not experienced before (and hopefully won’t have to again).

Panic didn’t change anything. It sent me to scramble and possibly make buying decisions I may not have otherwise made. So we can navigate this from a place of fear and panic or we can approach this from a place of calm.

Be proactive. Remember what you can control. Eat healthy, drink a lot of water, get a lot of sleep, manage your stress, wash your hands, and practice social distancing. Stay connected with loved ones via Zoom or video call.

And if you are looking for educational resources, here are a few sites I have come across:

Virtual Museum Tours

Free Educational Resources

Great Courses Plus is offering a free month subscription for adults to learn.

To have some fun, check out these resources:

Indoor games

Outdoor games

And the last thing I want to mention during this time is that we are all doing the best we can to navigate this. So please practice kindness and compassion and remember to laugh.

Take care. What other resources can you add to the list?

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