Sustainable Money Manifestation

There are many books on the market on Manifestation and this belief that we can ‘manifest quickly’ as long as we ‘focus on what we want’ and create a vision board. Not forgetting our daily affirmations.

And while that can be true, there's also a level of safety that needs to come around in order for us to sustainably create this abundance or to sustainably create money. 

So, for instance, if I am going around saying,’I am a billionaire!’ and I am constantly repeating that to myself if that idea does not resonate in my body, how can I truly believe it? It would be hard for me to actually create that billion dollars because where my body is vibrating is not the same frequency as the billion dollars. 

I believe there is a spectrum where one end is scarcity and the other end is abundance; between that is safety and neutrality. I think many of us are trying to jump from scarcity to abundance. Perhaps what is more sustainable is for us to aim for neutrality and safety in money. In reality, many of us have been conditioned to live in scarcity. Economics is really the study of scarcity.

When we actually go from scarcity to abundance, it is a big leap. 

We’ve seen this with lottery winners, who go from scarcity to abundance with one lucky ticket. Many winners were low-income earners and because nothing actually changes in their body and mindset, some people end up back in the same position they were in before buying the winning ticket, or worse off.

In order to hit your money goals sustainably, we need to reach a state of neutrality and safety with money.

 We all know we have a fight, flight, or freeze response to stressful situations. And for most of us, our body goes into one of those responses when we're talking about money. If we’re thinking about money, and our nervous system goes into fight or flight mode, part of the prefrontal cortex of our brain can be turned off by the stress response. The prefrontal cortex is a big region in the front of the brain and can be called ‘the control center of our brains’ because it helps to control our thoughts and actions. If this part of our brain is turned off, we're only working from our emotional (amygdala) and our reptilian brain (basal ganglia – in control of automatic self-preserving behavior patterns). That means that we don't actually have the full use of our brain when we are considering important financial decisions, rather driven by our emotional feelings of past experiences with money. We definitely don’t want to lose creativity and executive functioning when considering money.

My goal is always to create a feeling of safety around money. Turn on my full brain and let my body know that making money and having money is actually safe for me. When I’m going back from abundance to safety, and at times I might go back to scarcity I'll know how to get back to safety through sustainable manifestation. I do that by taking steps to heal my money relationship.

That’s the missing piece that I think people don’t pay attention to in many of the manifestation practices that are taught; healing money trauma. There are so many well-intentioned books and podcasts out, whose practices I do, that have a missing element. Is your belief system actually aligned with your habits around money?

Without the belief that I deserve more money, it was very difficult for me to make more. 

Through sustainable manifestation, we can look at our money relationship and heal that. 

More neutrality around money rather than putting it on a pedestal. Thinking of money as a tool, and a resource that helps us to get the things that we want in life.

We live in a capitalist society in which we need to have money in order to survive. So seeing money in a different light is actually really helpful because then we aren't always aiming to get this thing outside of us. We're starting to create the abundance within us and not needing money to validate our worth and show people that we're good enough.

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