When Time Speeds Up, You Slow Down

One day earlier this week, my daughter came downstairs all ready for school. I was in the kitchen getting her lunch packed up.

She was already dressed, her hair brushed, she had packed her own schoolbag and then started to prepare her own breakfast, and as I prepared her lunch, I felt myself overcome with emotion.

The morning before, to be honest, I was a nag. I had to wake her up a number of times, remind her what she needed to do, over and over.

And for her to do a 180 the next day was bittersweet.

These were the days I had been anxiously awaiting for years. When she would be able to get herself ready. When I wouldn’t have to prompt her and follow her around ensuring that she was staying on task.

And yet here we were.

In the blink of an eye, years had passed me by.

I remember being pregnant and counting down the days until I would meet her. Before I knew it, nine months had passed and I was giving birth.

But the newborn days weren’t what I had pictured. They were filled with sleepless nights, mood swings, a crying baby who wanted to be held 24/7.

I could not help but anticipate the days where she would sleep through the night.

Every phase brought about anticipation for the next phase that I thought would be easier.

So back to the present moment. I stood in the kitchen and wondered where my little baby had gone.

She had grown up. She is starting to claim her independence. Making it known what she likes and doesn’t. Standing firm when she feels injustice.

And then it hit me. All of the precious moments, days, weeks, years I had missed wanting it to be different. Longing for ease. Consumed with the challenges and not seeing the blessings in the moment.

Another beautiful reminder that regardless of how fast time seems to be flying by, we only really have the present moment.

I can not go back and change the past.

I can remind myself to stay in the present moment though. To remember that nothing lasts forever, including the terrible twos, the upcoming teen years, the friend drama. When it feels like time is speeding up, I can slow down.

Keep breathing. Find the preciousness of those tough times.

The time and phase will pass.

Stay in the present moment.

What is the next phase you are anxiously awaiting? What can you do to stay present instead?

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