Who are you, really?

By all outward appearances, Sally had it all. Her business was thriving and generating over 6 figures with raving clients, she only worked 4 days a week, she had a loving partner, a beautiful house, and a new car, and was able to travel when she wanted to.

But as she scrolled social media and saw coaches just like her, talking about their 7-figure businesses, their teams, and their extravagant lifestyles, Sally started to question whether she should be doing more in her business.

After all, there were plenty of other offers she could be making, she couldraise her rates since they had been the same for a few years already, and she could afford to hire more team members to help her.

She soon found herself with a team of 5, expanding her offers, and raising her rates.

But now she was working 6 days a week trying to create more, do more, and manage everyone.

After a year of hustling and grinding, Sally started to feel more and more burnt out. She was losing interest in her business very quickly and her team was starting to become disengaged and she was experiencing high turnover which was exasperating her even further to have to keep looking for contractors. Her constant stress was impacting her friends and family.

“This isn’t the business and life I had envisioned.”

She recalled that she was happy making 6-figures, working 4 days a week, and being able to be fully present with her clients, friends, and family.

She had been chasing a business and life she didn’t even want.

Exploration — the first E of EASEFUL.

Knowing who you are, what you value, your strengths, natural interests, and skills, will help you to stay on your path.

When Sally defined what success meant to her, she went back to her original business model which was more fulfilling, she reduced her work schedule to 4 days a week and decided that 6 figures was ideal.

What are your highest values?
How do you want to work?
What do you want to offer and at what price?
Are you willing to get uncomfortable to get what you want?

Knowing who you are will help you to stay on your path.